A robin has made its nest on our back deck.

Other years when a robin has tried to build a nest on a light fixture on our back deck, I have destroyed it because I didn't want it to ruin the light fixture.

This year I decided to let it go ahead and build its nest and I would document its progress.

Now you can see the baby chick grow.

The nest is on the light fixture.

the back deck
  mother bird on the nestmother bird on the nest

April 17,

eggs in the nest

April 22

One egg has hatched and the 3rd egg appears to be gone.

the egg hatches

April 24

April 27

April 28

April 29

April 30

May 1

May 2

May 3



May 4

Happy birthday Grant!

Today is a great day for you and the baby bird.


Today the baby bird flew from its nest.


The nest is now completely empty.

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